Thursday, June 16, 2011

Observations Part Duex

- Gotta get me a pair of lace-less Chuck Taylor’s. They are omnipresent throughout Europe. We saw a pair of laced flat footed sandals in the Chuck Taylor design this week…Awesome.

- Gotta make sure never to get me a par of green pants. They too are everywhere. A loud green. A look at this ridiculously goofy outfit that I’m wearing kind of a green. Men and Women alike.

- Facebook has drastically altered the sightseeing experience…and not for the better. Look, I get it. You’re all in a beautiful part of the world and you want documentation to either remind you of the memory later in life or to bring envy to your friends or family of all the cool places you’ve been…that’s always been a part of the deal…if that’s a crime, guilty as charged. But now? Now that every train stop presents a new opportunity to change your profile picture…it’s not enough to stop the flow of foot traffic for a picture next to the Emperor’s old castle. Nope. You have to make sure it’s a goooood picture. “Oh quick lemme see how it looks! Lemme see! Oh No! I need another one…”. I have little patience for people who insist on multiple takes of the solo picture.

- Men are totally cool with donning the Dolce and Gabana murse slung over a shoulder…totally cool with it. (imagine a shrill, high pitched, Jerry Seinfeld voice) “It’s a European carry-all!!!”

- The other day in Prague we were talking about just how different cities and cultures can be within and throughout a continent much smaller than our own country. “How different it is than what we‘re familiar with in the States”, we mused …and then Chase starting telling stories at dinner of growing up in Montana…and we had to take it all back.

- The public make out!!! It knows no bounds…From Prague to Vienna, we witnessed a couple making out the whole way while some poor girl had to sit directly opposite and facing them just 2 ft away. Walking the streets of Vienna, a couple without a care in the world for the bustle around them that accompanies a crowd of people after the pedestrian light turns green - they just stood there sucking face through the duration of the green light they were just waiting for. Where’s the decency? Where’s the shame???

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